Luxury Escapes Figma Plugins

Importing content into designs in Figma can be a time-consuming task, so I took it upon myself to streamline the Luxury Escapes Product Design team's workflow by developing two Figma plugins: LEWIS (Luxury Escapes Website Information Scraper) and LEIA (Luxury Escapes Image Archive). These plugins emerged as passion projects, built to simplify and optimise our design processes.


LEWIS revolutionised the way we import production content from our travel offers on the company website into our design files. With LEWIS, what once was a tedious and time-consuming task of copying and pasting text, and saving and uploading images became a two step process.

This powerful plugin not only grabs images and formats them seamlessly for Figma but also retrieves up-to-date copy including offer titles, descriptions, amenities, prices, and more. Its intuitive interface allows us to easily search offers by any term found in the copy, while also providing convenient filters for offer types such as hotels, tours, and experiences. LEWIS has become an indispensable tool, saving us countless hours and ensuring accuracy in our design assets.

Production content can be imported directly into a file as a new layer or into a component replacing template tags.


Complementing LEWIS is LEIA, a dedicated image gallery. Inspired by the Unsplash plugin, the design, content, and marketing teams can upload, organise, and access a curated library of images directly from Figma.

With LEIA, the entire team can contribute to building our image archive, adding valuable information and tags as they do. This collaborative approach ensures that designers can quickly find the right image for their projects, while also giving us consistency across our files. LEIA goes a step further by highlighting licensed images and providing the necessary source information, preventing any unintentional copyright violations and ensuring compliance with licensing agreements.

Developing these plugins was more than just a technical endeavor; it was a labour of love aimed at improving the efficiency and creativity of our team. By investing my time and energy into these projects, I've had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the positive impact they've had on our workflow and collaboration.