About me

I’m Andrew Stichbury, I’m a New Zealand based self-taught photographer and designer, specifically webdesign, but I love graphic and print design as well. In 2006 I discovered photography, through photography I found a way of exploring my creativity. The more time I invested in photography, I experimented, and that's when I found Photoshop. From editing photography, I soon started creating photos, eventually, I spent less time with a camera and more time using Photoshop to create, rather than edit. Webdesign allowed me go beyond how something looks and feels, but how something operates and reacts to the environment in which it is used.

Between then and now, I've designed countless websites which includes over thirty public blog themes, leading to the creation of Untitled Themes and Level82, two theme businesses that sell and share themes to thousands of individuals every month.

I’m Andrew of Andrew & Jack, a growing media outlet, built on and for the internet, where I serve as the creative mind behind the Andrew & Jack sites. Andrew & Jack is notable for sites I've co-founded and designed which include Pixels Beat Paper, Conserver Post, Framable, Book of Boys, Esteen and Political House. To date, Andrew & Jack's properties collectively serve fresh content to over one million visitors each month and thousands of subscribers accross multiple platforms.

The projects I build grow in ambition with my desire to bring unique and interesting content to the internet. What I have learned is a product of what I've created and I learn from creation.